What We Do

We provide crisis, shelter, advocacy and outreach services for sexual assault or domestic violence victims and their children.



Haven House has 31 beds available for adults and children who are seeking shelter or forced from their homes due to violence. While in the shelter, adult survivors have the opportunity to safety plan and set goals for their families. They may join a peer support group or participate in individual counseling.  Advocates will be available to help with community referrals. Shelter, meals and hygiene items are provided to all residents at no cost.  Shelter beds are available on a first come-first served basis, but you must call ahead to be accepted into the shelter. The hotline # is: 573-686-5064 or 573-686-4873. You may also text the hotline staff at 573-429-5730 to determine availability.


24 Hour Hotline/Textline

Our hotline is answered by trained staff members 24 hours each day to talk with anyone who is being affected by domestic or sexual violence. You may be in crisis, feel you need to enter Haven House or perhaps just need someone to talk with you.  We will be happy to help with information and referrals, assist with a safety plan for you and/or your family or locate a shelter near you. We are also available to talk with those who are concerned about a loved one. The hotline # is 573-686-5064 or hotline text # 573-429-5730.



Not everyone who utilizes Haven House is in need of shelter.  For those who need outreach resources, advocates are available to meet with them individually and discuss the dynamics of sexual or domestic violence, its effects on the family and the most common experiences of those who have been victimized. Assistance is available for obtaining household and hygiene items, safety planning and community referrals as survivors find ways to gain control over their lives. Call 573-686-4873 for outreach services and ask for Amanda.


Court Advocacy

Advocates are available in both the 36th Judicial Circuit civil and criminal courts. Assistance with protection orders, safety planning, notification of rights, accompaniment and applications for Crime Victims Assistance are services offered to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. Advocates can also offer empathetic listening, community referrals and information about domestic violence and its effects on the victim and their family.  Court Advocates will continue providing services to crime victims until their cases are resolved in court. If you feel you would benefit from the services of either court advocate please call 573-686-4873 for a referral.


Support Groups

Our peer support groups are facilitated by trained professionals and many participants find encouragement, strength and support from engaging in daily discussions with those who have experienced the same problems.  Specialized support groups for those who have been affected by domestic or sexual assault, as well as for those whose victimization has been complicated by substance abuse. Life skills, including parenting, budgeting and women's health topics are also offered.  Meetings are held Monday-Friday at 10:00 am and are at no cost to participants. Anyone who is a survivor of domestic or sexual violence is welcome to attend.  To find the group that best fits your needs please call Haven House at 573-686-4873 and ask for Christy.


Batterers’ Intervention

This is a court mandated program for those who have been convicted of domestic assault or a related crime, or have been ordered to attend by the probation or parole officer and emphasizes zero tolerance for new incidents of abuse. This 26 week program holds batterers accountable, educates them on the effects their actions have on the victim and underscores that they must learn and decide to act differently. 


Parenting After Divorce

Haven House offers a Parenting After Divorce class that teaches how to be a healthy co-parent for your child(ren) after you are no longer married to your spouse.  

Call Haven House to schedule your class today! 573-686-4873